The jewel of Melbourne’s leafy east, Malvern is one of the city’s most desirable suburbs. Whether you’re looking for a growth-minded investment, a business asset or an attractive entry into the housing market, we’re happy to help you take the next step. Our founder and finance broker, Matthew Clark, has over two decades of experience in the finance industry, and with access to more than 73 mortgage lenders, Key Choice Lending is perfectly placed to help you crack the market in Malvern.

Specialist Mortgage Brokers in Malvern

Consider us your local experts. Successful mortgage brokers in Malvern need to know the market they’re in, and we take great pride in offering a tailored service that shows we truly understand what makes the suburb special. Whether you’re a longtime resident looking to upgrade, just moving in or opening a business, you’ll find our range of services is perfectly suited to this beautiful suburb.  We’re a team of leading Melbourne finance brokers for home loans, investment property loans, home loan refinancing and business loans, with years of experience in the Malvern market. Let’s take a closer look at the personal services you’ll receive from the Key Choice Lending team:

Business Loans Malvern

One of the great keys to business success is access to capital, and we’re proud to be a part of the growth story of Malvern businesses. Whether you’re looking for start-up loans for a new cafe on Malvern Road, equipment financing for that next step upgrade or a long-term loan for a business geared to grow, we can help you access the most appropriate loan. We’ll assist you in working through the complexities of loan applications, advising you on the best-suited lenders based on their credit history, your business goals and borrowing capacity. For business loans Malvern residents trust, we’re here to help.

Malvern Investment Property Loans

As the suburb continues to be desirable, investing in Malvern property can represent a shrewd move for your future wealth. Residential investments can generate profit both in the short term (through rental income, for example) and in the long term (as the property price appreciates), as well as providing some tax advantages. Investment property loans are generally divided into two categories: interest-only and principal and interest loans. By assessing your investment goals and financial position, we’ll use our extensive network of lenders to find the loan that best suits you.

Home Loan Lenders Malvern

Malvern is a suburb known for its premium property prices, owing to its lifestyle, amenities and proximity to the city. It is, for many, the place to find a dream home, and we are proud to facilitate many purchases for owner-occupiers in Malvern. With a network of over 73 lenders, we’ll help to find the best mortgage option to help you get into the Malvern market.  Home loans are generally secured loans with a repayment period of 20-30 years and either fixed or variable interest rates. There are also various types of home loans available, including refinancing loans, first-home buyer loans and home construction loans. With our expertise, we’ll assess your options and find the best lender to get you into that dream Malvern home.

Malvern Home Loan Refinancing

For those lucky enough to already own a home in Malvern, you’ll know why it’s so attractive to new buyers. While you enjoy the classic Malvern lifestyle, we recommend regularly checking in about your home loan. Whether you’re 20 years into a 30-year loan or just a few years in, refinancing your home loan has plenty of potential benefits. With our years of Malvern home loan expertise, we can help find a refinancing option that could save money on loan repayments, create greater equity or even just lock in a favourable interest rate. As your local finance brokers in Malvern, we’re proud to help you secure the best refinancing option available.

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Whether you’re after that Malvern dream home, looking to join the local business community or a long-time resident hoping for a better deal, Key Choice Lending can help. With our years of local experience and industry-leading expertise, we’re proud to serve the Malvern community and provide tailored access to loan lenders that suit you.  To learn more about what we do and how we can assist with your loan enquiries, get in contact with our friendly team today.