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What is Equity Release? A Strategy for a Wealthier Retirement

Equity Release, also known as a reverse mortgage, empowers seniors aged 60+ to tap into their home’s equity without selling. Since 2001, Key Choice Lending has been here to navigate you through this financial solution, ensuring a retirement of comfort and security. Our award-winning service, recognized as the Best Boutique Non-Franchise Office, 2024, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Explore Equity Release

Equity Release and reverse mortgages make your home equity a flexible financial resource for a better retirement lifestyle. It’s ideal for covering expenses, healthcare, or funding your dreams, leveraging the home equity you’ve built over the years.

Is Equity Release the Right Choice for You?

For homeowners aged 60 and above, looking to boost retirement income or manage significant expenses, Equity Release offers a promising solution.

Your Potential Borrowing Capacity​

Your borrowing ability through Equity Release is influenced by the youngest borrower’s age and your home’s market value.


Age of Youngest BorrowerStandard Reverse MortgageAged Care Option (5 Year Term)

Protecting Your Interests​

Did you know many lenders ensure you’re protected? Live in your home as long as you wish, with safeguards like the No Negative Equity Guarantee.

The Advantages and Disadvantages​


Continue living in your home while accessing equity.

Flexible fund receipt options.

No monthly repayments necessary.


Loan balance may increase over time.

Possible impact on the estate's value for heirs.

Generally higher interest rates than conventional mortgages.

Case Study: John and Mary's Journey​

At 70, they tapped into 30% of their $500,000 home’s equity to afford renovations and travel, showcasing Equity Release’s potential to enhance lifestyle sustainably.


Equity Release Calculator​

Find out how much equity you could release using our Equity Release Calculator.

Celebrating Our Award-Winning Team

Key Choice Lending is proud to be recognized as the Best Boutique Non-Franchise Office, 2024. This accolade is a testament to our dedicated team’s commitment to providing exceptional service and expert advice in the field of equity release.

Personalised Advice Across Australia

From Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, receive bespoke advice in person or via our comprehensive online consultations. We have been trusted advisors since 2001, helping clients across the globe unlock their retirement potential.

Helpful Resources and Tools

My Aged Care: For extensive aging-related resources, visit My Aged Care.

MoneySmart Reverse Mortgage Calculator: Understand the long-term impact of a reverse mortgage with ASIC’s Calculator.

Explore these tools for a deeper understanding of Equity Release as part of your retirement planning.

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